The Top Annual Sporting Events in New Zealand

March 10th, 2022 by dayat No comments »

Every developed nation prides itself on having some form of structured sports program that it conducts through the year, and attempts to project itself as a sporting nation. The reason is not simply to be successful on the world stage. There is a not so hidden agenda and that is to promote good health among its citizens. This will mean less health care expense for that nation and most countries make a point to inculcate and develop the interest for sports in their population so that they do not have to spend much by way of health care.

Consequently, various government initiatives in building the required infrastructure such as stadia, parks and pools, and according them enough publicity by holding major sporting events through the year are taken on a consistent basis and that indeed sets a nation apart as a sports nation. It promotes infrastructure development, improves the image of that nation in the world and brings in a lot of revenue as well when they secure major world sporting events. The citizens over time develop the sports culture and emerge much healthier. These nations are often the most desired travel, not to mention migration, destinations due to the freshness and peace their promoted lifestyles exude.

New Zealand is one such country that follows a sustained sports program through the year and offers its citizens the benefit of taking part in a variety of adventure sports events such as bungee jumping, jet boating, skiing, hiking and so on. These events are spread out around the country, north and south islands so really the best way to get around is to hop into a campervan, drive to the event and park up.

Let us look at some of them in a little bit of detail:

1) The Remarkable Alpine park, which has about 220 skiable hectares of area, is a well-known family picnic spot that is very popular with snowboarders and free skiers. It is an hour’s drive from Queenstown and offers a yea-long opportunity for skiing due to the increased snow-making capacity.
2) The largest sporting event has got to be the Hamilton V8 Supercar Championship event, as 400 V8s race against each other to get their hands around the Mark Porter Trophy. The event is a superb mix of racing, rugby games and entertainment for the whole family.
3) The Single Speed Mountain Bike event is another event that is closely followed due to the fact that the winner gets to be tattooed and also crowned as the First New Zealand Single Speed Champion. This race takes place at the Whakarewareawa Forest. Since this location is also home to the oldest trails in the country, there are free trail rides offered at the event as well.
4) The Annual Outrigger Canoe held at the Tauranga Harbour is yet another mega event where over 500 participants race against each other in individual, as well as relay team, events amidst lot of entertainment. Many spot prizes are handed out during the event.

The above are just some of the annually conducted sporting attractions in New Zealand and the sheer variety of such events truly sets this country apart as a true sports nation.